The Best Steakhouse in Gahanna

Located at 550 Officenter Pl, Gahanna, OH 43230

The Hickory house is central Ohio’s steakhouse serving Gahanna and Reynoldsburg. We believe in tradition and have been serving up quality steak since 1979. Tony Torchia built the Hickory House on quality steak, loyal customers, and outstanding customer service. Now second generation and family owned, The Hickory House is known for the best Porterhouse Steak in the business. Our ribs are the finest two-pound baby backs money can buy. Our seven-spice rib rub and original Bar-B-Que sauce are made from scratch. All our steaks are hand cut from the best available aged, choice cut beef. They are never frozen and are always U.S.D.A. inspected. Our filets are only center cuts, as are our New Yorks, Ribeyes and Tops. Our Chops are signature cuts. Our Chicken Breasts are always fresh. Our Hamburger is made from fresh U.S.D.A. Ground Chuck. Our Soups are made from scratch. We proudly serve Michael’s Finer Meats and desserts from Der Duchman.

Tony is very proud to have his son and nephew taking over the family business. “I never in a million years imagined that The Hickory House would continue past me. I can’t even describe the pride I feel in knowing our story lives on.” Chad Hunter, owner of The Hickory House Reynoldsburg location, is proud to be a part of the family business. Chad officially took over the Reynoldsburg location in June, 2011. “Columbus may not be my home, but half of our family is here and our customers have made me feel at home. I have come to love this business and we are thrilled to be here with family and friends.” Jimmy Torchia, owner of The Hickory House Gahanna location, grew up around the family business. He gladly learned the business inside and out, “Tony made me understand that The Hickory House is more than a business. Tony’s dream was made possible by a few very special people who were willing to help him in any way they could. It’s hard to explain really.”

A deliberate decision to serve quality steak and ribs at The Hickory House has caused customers to come back again and again. Quality is why the Hickory House has been the choice steakhouse in our community. High levels of quality and family tradition, are what keep us going. Our customers enter our doors as our guests and leave as our family. We are truly a family owned and operated business. We are three decades strong and the tradition continues. “This business was Tony’s baby, his pride and joy, and we have promised him that we will continue to take care of our customers, which is what’s most important to him.”